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Our job at INFOVA is to remember effective behaviors and give professionals clarity, conviction and energy to generate new habits and anchor changes.

At INFOVA we are committed to training that is acquired through experience: what the participant discovers has more value than what the trainers tell them.
We are experts in generating learning through guided discovery. For 25 years we have asked ourselves two basic questions: Why do some teams work better than others? Why do some people lead better than others?

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Proud of 25 years of improving the management quality of thousands of professionals through classroom, online and hybrid training and processes.

Management Literature

INFOVA Ediciones was born with the vocation of collecting the research work and reflections of experts in various areas of knowledge of the organizational world. We have more than 8 titles, among which is "Essential Leadership", by Gonzalo Martínez de Miguel.
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After 25 years of mostly face-to-face training, we have developed a tool that allows us to deliver all our knowledge and learning 100% online.

We provide participants with tools that facilitate a change of habits and let them come to their own conclusions.

We generate experiences that make the content memorable.

We follow up on the implementation of the techniques and habits learned to stimulate and fix the training received.

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INFOVA training objectives


Facilitate a change of habits in the participants.


Encourage discovery and reflection.


Excite our participants so that they take the learning inside their skin.


Generate learning experiences for them.


Follow up on the implementation of the techniques and habits learned in order to stimulate and fix the training received.


Adapt the training in each case to the culture of the company and the trainees.

Where are we

We operate throughout Europe. We have offices in Spain, Chile and Peru.

12 TV studios

Infova has 10 sets in Madrid and 2 in Chile.

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CHile, Perú y España

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