Jack Pinter



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Jazz musician, composer, playwright, journalist, master improviser and learning designer, Jack was named by author Tom Cummings as the 鈥楽wiss Army Knife of leadership development.鈥 鈥

  • 20+ years of experience designing and delivering experiential learning聽for clients in every sector.鈥
  • Has a passion for combining different concepts, frameworks and disciplines to create bespoke聽solutions to meet client needs.聽鈥
  • Expert communications coach, story-teller and interpersonal mediator for conflict resolution.鈥
  • BA in Music from Wesleyan University and Degree in Psychology from Cornell University鈥.
  • As a Jazz Musician, Jack has appeared with artists including Dave Brubeck, Tom Waits, and Yoko聽Ono.鈥
  • He hails from New York and lives in London.鈥